Yorkshire Wolds Way Access Walk - Settrington Beacon


Here is a great double out and back route centred around Settrington Beacon, that has gentle slopes each way and opens up some great views along the Yorkshire Wolds Way. If you cover both out and back sections, its just a bit over 4 miles long. The first section heads north from Settrington Beacon on a full width compacted aggregate track. The last section in the woodland is narrower and a bit steeper before opening up to a lovely open view. Just beyond the woods there is a bench where you can take in the view, reached by a short stretch of hummocky grass. The second section then heads south from Settrington Beacon. Again it is on a wide compacted aggregate track for much of its length. There is one stretch of about half a mile where it is narrower and not surfaced and runs along the edge of a woodland. There is a bit of a steeper drop at the end to get the best view, before turning around to return to Settrington Beacon.

Path Surfaces: 2 - BLUE
Maximum Climbing Gradient: 4 - RED 13%
Maximum Descending Gradient: 3 - ORANGE -10%
Total Elevation Gain: 141 metres
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