Cloud Wood Nature Reserve


Cloud Wood is 33 hectares in size. It is owned by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Cloud Wood is an ancient woodland and is one of the best sites in Leicestershire for flowering plants. Most of the rides are level although uneven in places and in the summer, the rides are heavily vegetated in places. During the Second World War, Cloud Wood was clear-felled and allowed to regenerate naturally, escaping the planting of conifers. In 1993 the site was given to the Trust by Ennstone Breedon plc. A coppice cycle was re-introduced in part of the wood, in order to benefit those animals and plants which prosper under this type of management. Other areas will be allowed to develop naturally into high forest. Rides and glades are often important habitats for wildlife in woodland, providing open areas and edge habitats. More than 220 species of ferns and flowering plants have been recorded. During the summer, the rides are carpeted with marjorum and wild basil which produce a lovely aroma when walking through it. Birds such as dunnock, chiff chaff, robin and buzzard can be heard singing and calling. Butterflies include speckled wood, peacocks, orange tips, silver washed fritillary and white-letter hairstreak. See for more information about the nature reserve. Please note that in the summer, some of the rides are heavily vegetated.

Path Surfaces:
Maximum Climbing Gradient: 1 - GREEN 4%
Maximum Descending Gradient: 2 - BLUE -5%
Total Elevation Gain: 31 metres
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