The Roman Ford Picnic Site, Flatts Woods.


Linked to two other photo-trails in Flatts Wood, this route offers a tranquil riverside trail alongside the picturesque River Tees, past “The Silver Bridge” (Tees Aqueduct built in 1893) and the Weir to a picnic area on the site of a former Roman Ford below the Castle. The picnic site was created in 2000 to celebrate the town’s link to the river and also commemorate an ancient Roman Ford discovered there. The 3 stone seats signify the “Tees Roll” - the action of the river being “The Dive”, “The Surface” and “The Roll”. The route is 500m from the car-park to the picnic site. Parking is available by “The Silver Bridge” but bays are not marked and the surface can be uneven with compacted gravel and soil in parts. In a number of locations, the gradient exceeds 5% (1 in 20), with the steepest being 16% (1 in 6) on the approach to the viewing point over-looking the Weir. Paths are generally non-smooth tarmac and with block-paving at the picnic site and widths range from approximately 1.5m–2.0m. A seat is provided at the Weir and 3 are available at the picnic site.

Path Surfaces:
Maximum Climbing Gradient: 1 - GREEN 0%
Maximum Descending Gradient: 1 - GREEN -2%
Total Elevation Gain: 7 metres
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