Phototrails Surveyor

The Phototrails surveyor allows you to add phototrails to the site.

If you have not previously logged into this site please create a Phototrails account. This will enable you to upload a new Phototrail. Once you have upload photographs and other details of the trail you will be able to edit it whenever you need to improve it or keep it up to date.

You can submit your trail for inclusion on the web site. If the trail gives good information about an outdoor walk that might be of interest to other people it will be accepted by Fieldfare and published so that other users of the web site can use it to decide whether they would like to enjoy the trail you’ve prepared.

You can find out more about Fieldfare’s background in outdoor accessibility by visiting

The best phototrails will include photos of all the important features of a trail which might make it more or less accessible to visitors, especially for people with disabilities. The supporting information will give details of how steep slopes are, how wide gates are and how easy it is to use their latches. Barriers like steps and stiles will be highlighted, and the surface condition of the path will be highlighted and shown in the photographs.

As a registered surveyor you can upload as many Phototrails as you wish. For organisations and groups with several people surveying trails it is possible to combine their Phototrails under one badge appoint an editor to oversee them all. This can provide opportunities to promote Phototrails more effectively and ensure the information they contain remains pertinent and up to date. The Fieldfare Trust also provides training for organisations and groups in outdoor accessibility and how to survey and upload high quality Phototrails. To find out more contact at