Phototrails Accessibility Rating

All trails on the Phototrails website are given an accessibility rating.  The ratings are explained in the table below.

Grade 1 These trails have no barriers or steep gradients. The paths have good surfaces and there are ample resting places.

(Check the photographs for yourself)

Grade 2 One or two features may reduce the accessibility of these trails. It may be a lack of seats, sections of the path with less than perfect surfaces, slight gradients or gates that are difficult to use.

(Look at the accessibility tags on the map)

Grade 3 Several features on these trails may more frequently reduce their accessibility for some people. There may be no resting points, long or steep gradients, a narrow path in places, poor surfaces or obstacles like kissing gates.

(The accessibility tags on the map let you see for yourself where the problems are and how bad they are)

Grade 4 On these trails there are lots of features that reduce their accessibility and some maybe quite severe such as narrow parts to the path, steep gradients or muddy and stony surfaces.  There should be no barriers but gates may have limited accessibility because of their size or latches. There may be no resting points.

(All the key points where accessibility is reduced can be checked on the Phototrail map)

Grade 5 Other Routes. These trails have a great many features which reduce accessibility perhaps including barriers such as stiles and steps. It is advisable to check out all the information provided by the Phototrail. Routes where information is incomplete or has not be verified will be given this rating. Some of these trails may therefore be accessible but it is up to you to check the information provided which cannot be guaranteed as accurate.