Q: How do I use the site?
A: Instructions on how to use the site are given in the How to use Phototrails page (link to page)

Q: What information can I get from a Phototrail?
A:  Each Phototrail has information about the length of a trail, surface issues, gradients, barriers,  seats, facilities etc.

Q:  What does the Accessibility Rating mean?
A:  The paths have been ranked by accessibility with 1 being the most accessible and 5 is the least accessible. Have a look at the Accessibility Ratings to get an idea of what they mean.

Q:  How will I know if the path is accessible to me?
A: You can view your chosen path through photos with descriptions and the information provided should help you to decide if the path is accessible to you.

Q:  How can I view the paths in a certain area?
A:  You can either search on the trail index on the menu bar down the left hand side of the page or, if you go to the Trail Index page link you can view all trails listed.

Q:  If I only want to look at the gradients on a path, how do I view them?
A:  From the Trail Index page,  select which site you wish to visit and then, under Map Markers, select Accessibility and then Gradients,  the map above will then show only the areas with gradient issues.

Q: How has the information been gathered for the Phototrails and, how can I be sure of the quality of information provided?
A:  All Phototrails that are marked as verified have been produced by people trained by Fieldfare Trust to understand and work with the accessibility standards of the Countryside for All Good Practice Guide.  Phototrails that are unverified have been provided by other people based on their own experiences of a path.

Q:  Is there a charge to use the site?
A:  The Phototrails website is designed to be a free information resource for the end user.

Q: Is it possible to add a path that I use as a Phototrail to the site?  How do I go about it?
A:  Yes, you can also now post your own favourite trails up on the site – just go to www.phototrails.org/surveyor – log in and follow the instructions.

You can now upload as many Phototrails as you wish, all free of charge.

Q: Is it easy it upload your own trails, I don’t know any technical information or possess any technical equipment to audit a trail?
A: Yes, it is simple to upload your own trails, we have made it easier for you by having all the access audit information and phototrail tips in one place – Check out our Tips for Undertaking Phototrails Sometimes all you need is a smart phone with GPS and an inclinometer app!

Q: I am a service provider/landowner and I would like all paths in my area to be included and featured together on the website? How can I do this?
A: Please contact the Fieldfare Trust for details on how to apply for editorial status where people surveying in your area are able to join a group that has a common editor of their Phototrails content.