How to use Phototrails

First choose that trail you want to look at using the county map (or the Trail Selection boxes on the left.

There are then three quick ways to get the information you need

To select the Phototrail you want to view, use the selection boxes:

1. Summary

When you select a trail it opens with the map showing a small number of tags. These show the key features of the Phototrail including the worst accessibility features as well as giving you a quick and easy way of judging how difficult the trail will be.

Just click ‘summary’ to use this feature.

2. Slide Show

The photographs in the film strip to the right of the map follow the trail from start to finish. Scroll down through all the pictures to see what the trail is like and use the text with each photograph to check things like how steep the slopes are.

If you click on one of the photographs in the film strip it will enlarge to give you a clearer picture. In the top right of the enlarged photograph click the ‘next’ button to go to the next photograph along the trail. You can scan the whole trail in this way. The text giving more information appears below each enlarged photograph.

3. Pick ‘n Mix

Below the map there are a series of headings that let you pick only those photographs you need to see. For instance, suppose you are concerned how many seats there are around the trail. Click “Show no Trail Points” to clear the tags then tick the box next to ‘Seats’. The map will now show you tags where photographs relating to seats and resting points are. You can click on the tags to see the photograph of the feature at that point.

Where there are amenities such as disabled toilets these can be selected from the ‘amenities’ tag. Views and details of link paths and alternative routes are available through the ‘extras’ tag.

There is a vertical profile for each trail at the bottom of the map page. This gives a general impression of the ups and downs of the trail. You must check the scale to the side of the graph to see the height rise over the trail.

Alternatively just browse the pages to check out all the cool stuff you can do.